Vitio Maxime


After the breach of the embassy, Naerissa’s appreciation for protection during is realized by a handful of nifty magical items.

The party is still trying to make sense of it all.

They have a poisoned knife from one of the intruders. Naerissa sends it to a lab to be tested.

They also have one captive enemy. They ask Naerissa for dibs on questioning (Orsik licks his lips), and she grants it. They tie him up. Orsik casts zone of truth. The enemy makes his saving throw. So does Elan. Elan attempts to intimidate him. He doesn’t speak. Kai-to casts detect thoughts and subs his die to force him to roll a 10. All that is detected is a state of thoughtlessness: his mind is completely placid and vacant. The party checks his vitals: he has reflexes and his eyes react to light.

The party asks Naerissa if she has seen this condition before. supposedly, it happens sometimes when a person has been damaged from being possessed. She brings in an Elf priest who heals the enemy. The priest claims the body is as healthy as can be, but it’s clear the problem is in the mind. Orsik sighs with empathy. The party unties the enemy, and he doesn’t move.

Kai-to detects magic in the library. He detects divine magic that has three constituents.

  1. layer of the shadow that we have seen before.
  2. layer of corruption.
  3. Something very old that Kai-to has never encountered.

Naerissa attempts to scry the attacker who sent in the teleporters. She fails.

The next day the party heads to the surveyor’s office. Keegan is very excited to see us again. We need to talk to Alaphondar directly if we want to see the OG map. We try to detect magic inside the castle, but we are warned by Keegan that this would upset the War wizards.

Kai-to detects magic on the Traitor’s Isle map copies. He detects the same triple-layer of shadow/corruption/something old. Keegan informs us, upon inquiry, that Lady Dauntinghorn is responsible for copying the maps. They make an appointment with Lady Dauntinghorn the next day, and depart. Guards stop them and inform them that there has been an attack in the market: something came up from the sewers and killed two merchants. They hurry to the market to investigate.

The party is stopped by a low level war wizard who says that we cannot enter. He gets his supervisor, and Janya authenticates with her hidden ring. This is what they see upon entering the crime scene:

[[File: | class=media-item-align-center | 200×600px | ]]

Orsik heals one of the guards. The guard says that it appeared out of nowhere in the market and started attacking. It tore into the crowd and the guardsmen, killing two of them. Elan investigates the body and recognizes the pants as those worn by prisoners on Traitor’s Island. One of the war wizards says that the creature was teleported there.

As we leave to go check on Naerissa, a purple dragon is telling the War Wizards that another creature was teleported into the center of the purple dragon fortress.

We run back to the embassy, while Kai-to sends his arcane eye to check out the body of the creature at the purple dragon fortress. He looks like this:

We decide to track down Rhys and ask him to relay a message to Calydor about these prisoner/creature teleportations, and also ask Calydor how many prisoners are not accounted for. When we arrive at the castle, the guard says that Rhys was about to send for us. Our weapons are not taken. Rhys tells us about a third event, in the area east of the market (the “bad part of town”). He shows us this image of the creature:

The party tells Rhys about the magic trifecta that we have detected. We tell him that it is on the maps that Lady Dauntinghorn has been copying them. He vows to investigate. We tell him about the pants on the creature, and we tell him about the attack on the Elven embassy. Lastly, we tell him that the magic trifecta was detected on when the infiltrators penetrated the embassy. He tells us that over 100 prisoners have been lost. Rhy tells the party that the attacks were directed from the fortress in the Ice Rim Mountains.

Rhys says that we need to resolve this issue before the Royal Mage gets involved, because he will blame all of this on us, since we were in charge of the investigation on Traitor’s Island.

The party contemplates their options: 1) Stay here to question Lady Dauntinghorn, 2) Head to the mountains, and 3) Jump through the portal.

One of the aids that Rhys had sent returns with The High Priest of Timora, Clifford. Lord Rhys greets him cordially: they obviously know each other well. Rhys asks Clifford to identify the magic on the maps. Cliff uses some high level spell to contact another plane. As he is casting it, a fissure of light breaks across the table. An image appears that is almost blinding <insert>. It has a woman holding two halves of a broken sword.

A man that we recognize as Keegan’s father, Alaphondar Emmarask, enters the room and asks what has happened. Rhys conjures a representation of the image that was seen before. Alaphondar has detected Talona has affected those creature’s bodies, Talona must be the “corruption” part of the trifecta. The nearest Telona is in Sembia, just on the east side of the Vast Swamp.

The party asks Rhys if we could search through Sen Dauntinghorn’s office. He says yes, so long as he supervises. He gets them into her office and casts true-seeing. The party searches the place and find nothing.

The party decides to go back to the embassy to have some tea and rest. They update Naerissa on our newest findings before sleeping.

In the morning, we check in with Rhys about Lady Dauntinghorn. He says no, but that she has been working in the field. We also ask Naerissa to scry on the image that she saw. She gets a name: Avarae. Somehow this name is associated with this image. We tell the war wizards about this name before we head off to Sembia to visit the Timolan temple.


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