Vitio Maxime

Having a ball

The party awakes in the Fae embassy. They do some minor exploring, and spar with some guards in the backyard grotto. Elan Miklos takes notes on Elvin fighting styles, specifically weaknesses. Janya inquires about the lovely magical flora. Orsik scratches his beard.

Elan investigates the library to see if there is any literature on the cormyr-sembia wars. They have a couple of books.

Findings, In short: Elves talk about humans in Cormyr as only marginally better than hu,ans as a whole. There is a general sense of disdain of humans. The Lord of Cormanthor, however, struck a deal with an elven leader in long ago that is still upheld

While chatting with Naerissa, she explains that the embassy has special powers: The embassy will aide you if you are in battle there. There is no teleporting onto the grounds while naerissa is there. But the powers of the embassy scales with the inhabitants. Specifically, Naerissa’s presence has a large impact on the defensive capabilities of the embassy.

Naerissa encourages the party to think of a backstory before they go to the party that evening. They decide to pose as adventurers, investigating some Elvin ruins around Wheloon. They’ve had some interesting findings, about which Naerissa has some questions. They are trying to recover an elvin relic stolen by an evil-shadow-undread-dragon cult. This gives the party a convenient reason to stop by the surveyor’s office and attempt to unearth some information as to why or how the maps from Traitor’s isle were altered to conceal the existence of the cave which parties unknown were using to send prisoners on a deadly mission into the Ice Rim Mountains.

The party stops by the surveyor’s office in the royal palace only to discover that they need an appointment. Elan cases the joint, and discovers, as one might expect from a royal palace, that the place is guarded like Fort Knox.

The party prepares for the party that evening, hosted by the Cormaerils family. Janya dons a deeply open-backed dress and conceals hand axes beneath it. Elan cleans up as well, and keesters a knife.

We make a request to Lord Anszar, the Chamberlain for the castle, to make an appointment at the surveyor’s office. Everyone’s access to anything goes through him. He agrees to help us help the ambassador.

At the ball

We arrive at the Cormaeril manor house. The stairways go up to a second floor stairway with a balcony that is 25 ft above the ground floor. The vast majority of the attendees are humans, with a few elves and dwarves. Southern wall of ball room is lined with mirrors. There are a couple of chandeliers.

Orsik fails to fraternize with a couple of dwarves, spilling his drink on himself and babbling like a fool.

Janya and Elan dance with eachother spectacularly. Janya terminates their footwork by dipping Elan. The crowd is amazed.

A bit later, Naerissa is now chatting up two elves. Elon walks up to Lord James’s brother, who is talking to a couple of humans. His accent is detectble. His brother asks how a Sembian gets through these doors.

Keegan Emmarask is at this soiree. Late 20s early 30s. He is one of the Junior surveryors. Lady Sen Dauntinghorn is who he reports to. This is his first position, as a clerk in the surveyor’s office. He is sort of a first tier decision maker and notary. They will meet with him the following day, at their appointment.

Elon sneaks to listen to this relative of James. He and his compadres are disparaging some woman for something that is unclear. She may have made a faux pas, or had a disagreeent. It is unclear. What is clear, is that this man is a “poopy dick.”

After leaving the party, the party is jumped in the street by hooded figures who have concealed their faces. They ask one of them to “stop or we will kill you,” to which the assailant responds with the exact same phrase in the exact same voice. After quickly dispatching two of the assailers, the copycat becomes invisible and double-dashes away, the mark of a rogue. With an insanely lucky roll (98%), Janya hits the fleeing foe with a long-range hand-axe throw, and maneuvers Elan into position to strike on his next turn. While the party manages to bloody the foe, he escapes before they can incapacitate him.


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