Vitio Maxime

Security breach!

The party tries to collect itself after the late-night attack. Naerissa tells them that she does not know who those three thugs were. She is surprised her guards were not involved in the battle. Janya carries the two bodies back. They investigate the bodies. They are male humans. No distinguishing marks. Dark hair. Nice (but not +1) leather and weapons.

The dead don’t lie

Orsik memorizes “speak to the dead” and “zone of truth” so the party can revive the thugs and learn from them. The party stores the bodies in (magic) cold storage. Naerissa learns from Nirainor that the guards did leave with them, but that they have not returned. Nirainor sends out guards to check for them.

Kai-to detects magic on the dead bodies. He detects shades of shadow on them.

While the Cleric and Wizard are chanting around the dead bodies, Nirainor’s agents bring return with Naerissa’s personal guards, who were found at the Cormaeril mansion. Kai-to detects a curse, divine magic that is of the shadow flavor. Naerissa calls for a priest, who removes the curse form the guards.

The bodies are placed in cold storage. The party takes shifts watching the bodies throughout the night, building a blanket fort in the kitchen while they bide their time. In the morning, Naerissa inquires about their little sleep over, and they remind her of the disintegrating prisoner on Traitor’s isle.

The party takes the bodies out of the city under the pretense of performing a burial. After performing Speak to the Dead and Zone of Truth, Orsik begins to question them.

Q: Who sent you?
A: The saint.

Q: Who sent you?
A: The saint.

Q: Who sent you?
A: The saint.

Q: Who escaped?
A: The sword.

Q: Where is the saint?
A: The sword.

Q: Why did you want Naerissa?
A: Because she is the heart.

Q: Did you want to kidnap or kill her?
A: Capture.

Q: Where do you meet in the city.
A: We don’t.

Q: Which office does the mole work in?
A: I don’t have a mole.

Q: Who modified the maps of Traitor’s isle?
A: I don’t know anything about that.

Orsik casts gentle repose on the bodies before we bury them. We head back to the embassy to bathe before heading to our appointment at the surveyor’s office.

Buttering up the greenhorn

We ask Keegan Emmerask “who has the ability to look at the maps?” He replies, “Anyone talks with the king; any landowner. All of the nobles.” The original surveyor’s map has a ward on it, copies do not. Interestingly, all of the copies (but not the OG warded map) are missing the cave feature. We request all of the maps of the Traitor’s isle in Naerissa’s name. Keegan says he will put in the request, which must be approved by Lady Sen Dauntinghorn, head surveyor.

We take Keegan to the bar, where he dreams drools over his uncle, Alaphondar, who made the status of sage. He loves what he does, and is grateful for having a job. He well represents his ravenclaw—err, Emmerask family.

Elan woos Keegan with the prospect of friendship with the cool kids, accruing street credit with him via shared adventuring stories. Janya provides backup via seduction.

After thoroughly buttering up Keegan, the party heads back to the embassy.

The Ancellan

Earlier, the party had informed Naerissa of their new findings from the recently deceased.They leave out how they got the information. She is startled to be called “the heart,” and explains that she cannot divulge information that would betray the Elven kingdom.

At 3am Nirainor wakes the party up, claiming that Naerissa urgently needs to see them. She has spoken with Evermeet, and received clearance to tell us some very ancient elven secrets, under ElveNDA (the party cannot discuss this knowledge with anyone, even amongst themselves) . She tells them of the Ancellan, an artifact of the Seldarine, used to incept the embassies of the elven people, to create a small plot of the elven forest wherever the embassy is created. In order to create the embassy, it must be bound to a living creature, the heart of the embassy. She reveals a green emerald embedded in her chest and says that it is the heart. The Ancellan is also used to create gateways. It is very close to the identity of the Elven people. It has been stolen, within the last decade. It was stolen from another embassy. The embassy was destroyed. The ambassador destroyed himself before rather than allow his heart to be captured. They have found no answers as to who has stolen it or where it has gone.

Until recently, Elves were certain that the perpetrators did not know how to use the Ancellan, but now they think otherwise: the Ancellan requires a heart to operate. No one has ever stolen a heart.

Q: What could one do with a heart and the Ancellan?
A: They could create life, being. It is the inception of life. To bring life is a gift, in most circumstances. But what then lives, and what are the bounds of that life?

Q: What does it look like?
See the wiki page

After some time, she turns to Nirainor and says (in elven): Someone is trying to breach the wards. The group quickly moves to the library, a room lacking any windows. Despite Naerissa’s insistence that the embassy is safe, she the infiltration attempt is successful, and Naerissa loses consciousness as 9 invaders appear in the library.

The battle is somewhat unremarkable. Elan creates a mirror image of Naerissa. Janya repositions the party in a defensive wall around her. Orsik’s spirit guardians repeatedly reduce the HP of the goons, while Kai-to delivers some potent magic to finish them off. They manage to hold one of the perpetrators for questioning.


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