Vitio Maxime

The Talonan Temple

Rhys gives the party a gem that they can use to teleport back to Suzail, and so they depart for Sembia and the Talonan temple. They end up in a swamp, a half-day’s journey from their destination by a little-used road. Light is diffuse. You can smell the rot of the wood. They work their way down to the road, making a left at a fork to head in the direction of the temple (TODO: Check out the other fork).

The area is pretty desolate: there is little flora and no fauna to be found; the sky is a sombre grey. Life is pain.

Kai-to casts arcane eye as they approach the temple. The eye travels 45 minutes to the temple. It finds an elongated hexagonal building, about a 200 ft along. There are no windows. There is a 4” diamond with spikes pointing forward from the center of it. Blood is running down the spikes. There is a chimney, but the eye runs out of magic gas as it descends the chimney.

Orsik blindly shoves his hand onto the spiky diamond, and a door opens.

Inside, they find a room with a one-foot-thick ledger, but no one recognizes the scrawled names. The front of the ledger is decorated with the triangular symbol of Telona.

The place looks like it has been deserted for not too long: there is a meal molding in the next-door kitchen.

They enter a couple of other rooms, and eventually they stumble into a place of worship: there are rows of seats facing an alter. Janya smells something. The pews are askew. Before they know it, the party is rollign for initiative against a handful of cordyceps lions. Orsik finally finds a use for one of his domain spells, blowing the spores of the lions away from the party and reducing the number of con saves they have to make.

Fungal felines fallen, the party continues to explore the worship area. They find a handful of containers, most of which contain poisons. They take a few noteworthy items: a censer, a vial of poison, a vial of particulate matter, and a vial with an oily, piney residue.

A lot of exploring occurs. Here are the highlights. For more details, see Kai-to’s map.

The Lion’s Den

The party enters a room with three couches. After drawing straws for little spoon (sorry, Orsik) they notice a large hole in the wall. The light from the whole appears to be coming from outside, despite the fact that Elan cased the whole building and found it enclosed. As Elan peeks his head into the whole, a giant scorpion shoves 7” into him. Simultaneously, Kai-to an ambush is attempted on Kai-to from the fireplace, but the diviner sees it coming. The overgrown arachnids turn out to be all hiss and no sting, and are summarily defeated. The fireplace-dweller has a fire lit under his ass.

As they continue to explore, there are a few noteworthy sights:

  • A dead man in a spartan room
  • Some giant and dead, pock-marked leeches (there’s gastropods afoot!)
  • A statue of Tamora.
  • A room with evidence of a confrontation.
  • Guest quarters

The Menagerie

They backtrack and enter the courtyard area (from the temple area). The area is about 50 yards across with cages lining the walls. Some cells contain creatures. Other cells appear to have previously had animal, but they escaped via acid burning the bars. Some creatures include scorpions, cordyceps lions, giant snakes, and leeches; all of which produce poison or spores. The last enclosure has an equal mix of water and land. Whatever was in it is no longer in it: there were bar barriers, but the bars have been pushed outward and broken.

The packaging room

They find a store room with both medical supplies and poison supplies. They find medical kits nearby with the marks of Timora and Tyr.

The next room has a more sophisticated poison trap on the knob. Kai-to mage hands it open to find a conference room. In the corner of the room is a small (3’ by 5’) door. Orsik enters with ample clearance and finds a tool shop for needlework and daggers.


They enter the next room to find a library/classroom. The books are almost entirely about poisons, unguents, and fungus. They enter the next room which appears to be another library/classroom. This one has more advanced books in it. As they step around the desk, they find the trail leads to two large leeches that are dead. They have some sort of pox or infection; there are also slash wounds on the outside of their carcasses.

In the final room, the party encounters 2 boil-ridden monks. The monks deal quite a bit of damage, and lower everyone’s constitution except Janya’s. Eventually the party pops their boils.


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