The Ancellan

This is an ancient Seldarine relic. The elves is use it to create embassies outside of the proper Elven kingdom. The relic is keyed to a heart: a fist size emerald that is permanently embedded in an Elf’s chest. This elf is the ambassador of the created embassy, and he or she identifies as “the heart” themselves. This tie between the heart and the embassy embues both with great power while they are united: an embassy has great ward-like defenses that deter much magic (e.g. teleportation) inside the embassy, as long as the heart is present there.


The Ancellan can create new plots of elven forest. More generally, it has tremendous life-giving powers, which likely could be abused.

The Ancellan can also be used to create gateways.

The Ancellan requires a heart to function.


The Ancellan is about 6’ tall, 3’ wide. It looks a bit like a floating table and a crown.

The Ancellan

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